A downloadable Bullet Bender for Windows and macOS

Use your power to curve the bullet to hit all the targets with a single shot.

Please rate this game after playing it, it helps with the visibility in the itch.io website and it also let me know if it's a good idea to continue to develop it or not.

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Post Game jam 3d Models made by DelNero

Game developed during a weekend for the GMTK 2019 Game Jam, theme "Only One", it was displayed as one of the honor mentions during the GMTK youtube video talking about the top 20 games out of 2600+,

Install instructions

Just unzip and run the .exe file.


Bullet Bender_HDRP 1.02.zip 91 MB
Build 1.03.zip 227 MB


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Super interesting idea, tried hard but I couldn't beat level 10. Love the Load/Reload level language, completely fits the theme.

Thanks for playing it :D

Yeah, I've exaggerated a bit on the last level xD I'll eventually make the difficulty curve a bit smoother. Congrats on the Towerbag once again btw, totally deserved to be on the top 20

Good job Johnny. This game it's very cool, And make me spend a lot of time trying this challenge.


Really nice work Johnny.

Title screen: felt very tarantino-esque from font and audio, had a nice feel to it.

Game : really nice in having the tutorial showing dymanically, added a little flair.

lots of neat things in there, from the trails from previous shots, to the camera translating to start point.

Just made it to the Augmentation, nice idea being able to add more emphasis on a specific direction, still tricky as heck :)

audio nicely done too, SFX and a pacey action BG tune all added to the feel.

one possible thing, nothing major as i know alot of FPSers, but for me sensitivity was quite high.  but im sure if you further flesh out the idea, you can add a tweakable in there somewhere ;)

all it all slick work as always.... keep it up!

Hey Daz, thank you for playing this game! It's Always awesome to have your feedback.

Yeah, this game was made for the GMTK game jam, I'll be adding the sensitivity setting later on, this one I might develop further, so I accept ideas regarding how to improve it(mechanic wise) in order to be able to sell it on a big store such as steam.


Good puzzles man, congratulations :D

thanks my friend!