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Plant trees in the Spring, then awaken them into Treants to fight off invaders in the Winter!

Be careful though - your trees are the lifeline of the Forest. How many Winters can you survive?


Plant trees in Spring

Awaken trees to defend the forest!

Awaken trees to defend the forest!

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorsJohnny Dalvi, Yang Pulse
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Forest, heart-of-the-grove, Low-poly, Ludum Dare 44, nature, Relaxing, rts, Tower Defense
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Really nice work Johnny, interesting concept too.

I found myself wanting to zoom in/out whilst playing, I think that's a fairly normal camera control to have, especially when using the mouse to rotate etc.

I also struggled a little bit with generating the treants, wasn't sure if I had to press and hold the mouse button initially, then later realised I just had to click the base of a tree, found this to be challenging some times depending how much of the trunk was visible.

Took me a couple of games to get used to the controls and then managed to survive 8 winters.  Felt a little bit like I was bound to lose eventually, e.g. the number of trees just kept dwindling, I could never plant as many as I had either lost to the humans, or my treants walking off the screen at the end of each winter.

Really enjoyed the concept/story for the game, some very nice visual flair in this also.  Well done :)

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Hey Rob, how are you?
Thank you very much for playing our game and for the feedback, it was very valuable as always!

Yeah, we're considering to add the zoom to the camera, we actually implemented it although we weren't too satisfied about it and we thought that would be better to wait a bit. We also definitely need to improve the raycasting on the tree, now it just checks for it on the grid (which you can enable/disable by right-clicking).

The game now is more like an arcade, there is no actually a winning condition, just "how many winters can you survive?" due to the Ludum Dare time constraint, me and Zesix did it in 3 days; Although we do consider, if we end up turning it into a full game, to add a level system (perhaps something like bad north), and more variety of enemies/treants and even new mechanics, such as upgrades, spells etc.

Btw, how's everything on the forum? I've been active on the Discord channel instead nowadays.

Deleted 2 years ago

I'm fine too. Thanks, yeah, it was quite a hardcore weekend xD.

I'm sure they have noticed. The GameDev.tv crew should value more the people that most contribute to their community, one of the main reasons why I recommend these courses is the community itself, there has been more than a year since the last time that I've actually taken one of their courses and I'm still active in the Discord channel.

So, what is your plan regarding gamedev from now on?

Deleted 2 years ago

Nice, looking forward to see your projects. What's the best way to reach you Rob? I've sent you a discord PM but I'm not sure how often do you use discord.